Guest Writer: Jerry Nokes

Due to an amazing discovery in the Science of Dowsing, Treasure Hunting for Lost, Buried, or Sunken Treasures can now be reliable, profitable, and almost effortless. No longer will Treasure Hunters who are armed with basic dowsing skills have to suffer the same frustrations and disappointments that conventional treasure hunters have to endure!

If a treasure hunter has a treasure story that contains good information, they can now approach Treasure Hunting with a certainty of locating the treasure they are seeking.

Because of a new and proven map dowsing technology, a dowser can now pinpoint the location of a treasure they want to search for before they leave the comfort of their home. With the advent of Google Maps and its GPS attributes, without the drudgery of having to waste time and effort searching irrelevant terrain, they can go directly to the spot where the treasure can be found.

The same method is just as useful when searching for sunken treasure. Locating lost "Gold Laden Spanish Treasure Galleons" is now possible without the guesswork and uncertainties normally associated with this type of search. Many historical records contain all the information necessary to apply the new technology with the same degree of accuracy and success.

By using a particular type of gold detector, it is now possible to verify a find from a distance of several hundred feet if the cache consists of a good quantity of gold. Digging to verify a find is no longer necessary. The modern treasure hunter can now identify and confirm a find inconspicuously without the need of using a bulky, highly conspicuous metal detector, thereby allowing the opportunity for a well-planned, unseen recovery.

Because of the new technology, treasure-hunting dowsers now have a tremendous advantage over conventional treasure hunters. Non-dowsers will not be able to take advantage of the technology. While others are spending their time searching, the dowser who is armed with this technology will be spending his time enjoying the gratification of precisely locating and recovering the treasure he is seeking.

The best part of all, only basic dowsing skills are required to master the technology! Any dowser who can use a pendulum can now become a successful treasure hunter and be richly rewarded for his or her dowsing abilities!


Article by: Jerry Nokes

"ABOUT THE AUTHOR": Jerry Nokes with over thirty years of dowsing experience has pioneered his scientific discovery into a full proof method of locating lost, buried, and sunken treasures. The success he has enjoyed in his own treasure hunting endeavors has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that the new technology is not only viable, but also 100% reliable.

His website, offers all dowsers the opportunity to learn the new technology, and greatly expand their newly acquired abilities into unlimited fields of potential interests.

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