9 - Palembang Pitis Coins

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This is a set of 9 Palembang Pitis Coins found in the Musi River in Sumatra, Indonesia.  These coins were used from 1659 – 1823 in countries throughout South Asia until the Dutch transitioned all of these areas into the Dutch East Indies.  The coins are denominated in Arabic and are dated using the Islamic Calendar with years noted as AH.

These coins were cast in “trees” from tin, similar to how older Chinese coins were made.  Due to this casting process you can often see a small tag along the smooth edge of the coin from where they were separated from the “tree” of coins.  There were 8 various sizes of coins used during this time with no exact value determined for each one.  This size coin is one of the rarer shapes available on the market today.

These artifacts come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Global Xploration.

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