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An archaeologist is a historian who discovers, collects and studies the remains of contemporary or historic buildings, architectures and societies. Sophisticated tools and procedures are used by the archaeologists to unearth and recover the ancient ruins and artifacts of lost civilizations.

Archaeologists services companies serve as consultants or directors of excavation projects and research programs across the British Isles. In the UK an archaeological investigation takes place to ensure during the process of building removal no damage harm is done to any material of archaeological importance. Modern archaeologists apply specific field techniques and examine materials by using advanced laboratory equipment. The researches carried out by them may involve laboratory work, dating artifacts, examining historical records and by consultancy with outside experts.

Church Archaeology is the study of design and ancient architecture of Christian houses of worship. Professional archaeologists engage in extensive field and laboratory work in order to explain the significance of certain artifacts to the general public. The fundamental researches of church archaeologists are focused on the identification of churches on earlier rituals, basic recording of churchyard monuments and better understanding of the infrastructure of monastic sites. Such work aims to provide a clear research framework for each church within a wider county and regional framework.

The World Archaeological Congress (WAC) is an international forum and a non-profit organization and is the only representative world-wide body of practicing archaeologists. The organization seeks to promote archaeological assessment in all countries, to encourage the development of regionally-based histories and to foster international academic interaction. Its aims are based on the need to recognise the historical and social roles as well as the political context of archaeology, the need to make archaeological studies relevant to the wider community and the conservation of archaeological sites.

Find out about the archaeology and heritage of various landscapes and structures in Great Britain with the help of various archaeological service provider companies. These companies also give archaeological consultancies to ensure that your project is dealt with and channeled through the system in the most efficient manner. SearchMe4 is a local information and online business directory that contains the contact details of the UK archaeological services.

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