Port Royal Rum Bottle

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This artifact is an authentic 1600's rum bottle found in the debris of Port Royal Harbor in Jamaica.  In 1692 Port Royal suffered massive devastation from a very large earthquake that submerged the majority of Port Royal underwater.  This bottle was recovered from the old stone ruins of what is believed to have been a tavern sitting along the waterfront of the original Port Royal footprint.  The ruins still remain to this day.

This bottle is made of green glass and contains barnacles and coral on all sides from being submerged for over 300 years.  The bottle measures 9 5/8" inches tall, with a neck height of 2 3/4" and a neck diameter of 2 3/8".  

This bottle was on display at the Port Royal Museum for many years but was sold to a private collection in order to pay off debts.  This was one of the only few bottles recovered from Port Royal that remained completely intact.  The site is now so polluted from the sewers of Kingston, Jamaica that no more artifacts are being recovered.

This artifact comes with a certificate of authenticity from Global Xploration.

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