1500's Spanish Stone Cannonball

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This artifact is a Spanish stone cannonball most likely from the 1500's.  During this time this style of cannonball was often referred to as round shot before the popular term cannonball was coined.  This artifact was found on a Spanish shipwreck in the English Channel along with four others.  This style of cannonball is very rare compared to more commonly known iron cannonballs due to the fact that they cannot be found with a metal detector and only upon traditional excavation techniques.

The cannonball is in diameter and is shaped from stone.  Slight cracking can be seen from one side of the cannonball.  Pre-17th Century cannonballs were made from stone or rock and the types of rock were essentially anything that was available and solid enough to shape.  The common name for the types of stone used was "gunstone".

This artifact comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Global Xploration.

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