Guest Writer: Enid Glasgow

There are few jobs that grab our imaginations or hold as much potential for excitement as archaeology. The chance to discover something new, to uncover history and become part of it is endlessly alluring. For those who dream of being the next Mary Leakey, or Indiana Jones, for that matter, an archaeological vacation will be the opportunity of a lifetime. Dig in, get your hands dirty, and add to the store of knowledge that archaeologists have been building for centuries.

There are a host of different archaeological vacations from which to choose, and your destination depends largely on which part of the world you would like to see and what you would like to do, as well as what your travel budget is. You can find archaeological tours of such exotic places as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Peru, Guatemala, Italy, Bulgaria, Thailand, Singapore, and many more beautiful locales. With these tours, you will be immersed in the history, culture, and archaeology of your destination.

Perhaps even more rewarding, however, is the chance to be an archaeologist yourself, even for just a few days or weeks. You can do this by volunteering to participate in a dig. These take place all over the world and many will gladly take the opportunity to get some free labor. You may, though, depending on the locale, have to pay a fee. A good resource in planning your trip is the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) site, which has current fieldwork opportunities listed. You can search under the category "field work." From there, you select the region and/or country in which you would like to volunteer. It generates a list matching your requirements. For instance, if you wanted to volunteer at a dig in Europe, you may find that excavating a medieval castle in Tuscany is the perfect way to spend your vacation.

Guest Writer: Enid Glasgow

You can choose from experiences all over the world; typically you need no experience, so it is a vacation anyone can enjoy. Be aware, however, that many sites have a minimum stay requirement (such as two weeks). Make sure to plan your vacation well ahead of time because you must apply for spots on these digs. If you are using the AIA site, you will see the application deadline on the listing for each project, as well as information regarding prices and accommodations.

If your travel budget is a bit more restricted, you can participate in digs within the United States. The AIA site lists fieldwork opportunities that may be much closer to home, and you can contact your closest large college or university and inquire about digs they are doing or of which they have knowledge. You will be surprised how many opportunities you can find at home and abroad.

An archeological vacation is by no means luxurious, but you will have the chance to explore and discover on a level that is entirely new and exciting.


Article by: Enid Gasgow

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