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You mention treasure hunting to most people and they immediately start thinking of pirate maps and large buried chests filled with gold and silver coins. But that doesn't have to be the case. There are many different types of treasures and almost as many ways to go treasure hunting. Here are just a few of the more modern ways people treasure hunt.

Metal Detecting

Metal detecting has some things in common with the old type of treasure hunting since it involves spending at least some of your hunting time on beaches and in digging to claim your treasure. However, you won't need a map since the metal detector will tell you exactly where you need to dig. One of the most exciting things about metal detecting is when you find something buried and you begin digging for that small bit of treasure you never know whether you are going to find a rusted bottle cap, an old screw or something more valuable like coins or lost jewelry. Like treasure hunters of old you can't help but feel that sudden rush that maybe this time you have truly found a real treasure.

Thrift Stores And Yard Sales

Another modern way of treasure hunting is to frequent thrift stores and yard sales. Whether you are looking for first edition books, antique wooden toys or old fashioned pewter or china, you can find some amazing treasures in the most unlikely places. Spring and early summer are the best times to visit these places as this is the time when most people do the annual clearing of their homes and oftentimes, they are anxious to get the job the done and don't realize the true worth of what they giving away.

If you have a keen eye and know what you are looking for you can sometimes find items worth hundreds and even thousand of dollars sitting on shelves for a $2.00 price. It's pretty exciting when you find the odd treasure among all the every day items for sale.

Storage Shed Auctions

Storage shed auctions are kind of a cross between treasure hunting and those old fashioned grab bags. You are simply paying a small amount of money never sure of exactly what you are going to get. Almost every storage facility holds an auction sometime during the year. The contents of the sheds being auctioned are things that people have stored and then never paid storage on or bothered to collect. In order to make space for paying customers and recoup some of their lost revenue the owner of the storage facility is legally allowed to auction off the contents after a certain period of time.

You can bid on a storage shed and often get the contents for a price of anywhere from around $15.00 to over $100.00. You then get the entire contents of the shed. In some cases, your treasure will be mostly be trash, in other cases you can get some real deals on things you can use and even some real treasures worth real money. The real excitement in this kind of treasure hunting is in seeing what the storage shed contains.

These ways of looking for valuables are fun and sometime even profitable. Perhaps you have your own method of treasure hunting that you enjoy--or you soon will if you try the suggestions here.


Article by: Aaron Aberson

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